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Wait. What?

2012-11-09 17:58:37 by SwampLord9

I've been gone since around 2010.

The fuck happened to the site? Is bedn still funny? Clue me in on stuff I might have missed.

Or don't. Whatever.

User of the Day!?

2010-12-22 13:25:24 by SwampLord9

I got "User of the Day" a few days ago. I didn't even know it.

The weird thing is, I was on the site playing games without even considering going on the forums.

Well, for everyone who wished me grats, thank ya. :D

Get in the zone.

2010-06-29 21:41:38 by SwampLord9


Get in the zone.


2009-08-18 15:05:42 by SwampLord9

The new school year always caused extreme stress on my life during the end of summer. Unlike last year, I feel extremely nervous. All these nervous feelings and thoughts of people judging me and other negatives are slowly going away.

This is the last time I put up with this, which in it's own way is a little sad.

I no longer care about what people think of me. I no longer dwell on how to get people to notice me and respect me. I no longer give a shit. I finally live my own life. I finally have my own interests that I'm not ashamed of.

Basically, this chapter of my life is coming to an end, and I couldn't be happier. I know I'll miss high school, but that's only because it's the beginning of my life. Feelings I doubt I could get back that I eventually will. I'm still a child, technically.

Btw, I never got my schedule. Oops. :P
I'll go sometime this week I guess. For some reason, I still don't know the school by heart, even though I'm gonna be a senior...

Ah well. This is the last time. :D

By far one of the best movie experiences I've ever had.

I went to the midnight release on Tuesday July 14th, and the theater was packed. Everyone laughed at the funny parts and at the end everyone stood up and clapped. It was fantastic.

I saw it for the second time last night in a much smaller theater. The number of people was rather large judging by how it was a Thursday afternoon, yet nobody laughed at the funny parts, and nobody clapped at the end of it. It was as if they had no respect for the film whatsoever.

Now the movie itself, Fantastic. The best one so far in my opinion. I watched 4 and 5 right before I left to see number 6 just so I had it all still fresh in my mind. The intro starts with Harry Potter and Dumbledore getting photos taken driectly after the happenings in the Ministry of Magic. After that, you see the death-eaters flying through London to get to Olivander's Wand Shop. They blow it up and steal a bunch of wands. Then they fly back into London and destroy a bridge. You then see Harry at a diner in a subway reading a newspaper. He then sees Dumbledore outside and "follows" him to "meet" Professor Slughorn. Slughorn then decides to become Hogwart's new potions teacher, moving Snape to his long awaited position, 'Defense against the Dark Arts'.

The entire movie is wonderful. There's a strong bond between all the characters which keeps you watching and wanting to see more. I have no gripes whatsoever and the ending sets it up for the next 2 installments (the 7th movie will be in 2 parts). I highly recommend seeing it.

4 1/2 out of 5

Terrible music

2009-07-03 01:28:40 by SwampLord9

How can people listen to this?
It's awful

/* */

YES. I've been waiting for so long for him to go back to them. He did, and nobody told me. :[

Oh well. :P That's what I get for not adding them on MySpace.

Heres a pic of Iced Earth now. :]

I might watch Alive in Athens now. :D

Matt Barlow is back in Iced Earth!!!

Nintendo just announced they're going to be releasing expansion packs for SSBB!! That means more characters, more levels, more music, a bigger Subspace, new events, and new challenges!! They haven't announced all the characters, but they decided to put Plusle & Minun, Toon Zelda and Tetra, Mewtwo, and Roy all in!! All that unusable data finally makes sense! :D

Check out the news story here: 69706

New classes tomorrow...

2008-01-23 21:21:02 by SwampLord9

My good friends already had the classes I'm about to take, which really sucks. Also, I have Gym before lunch. Thats one of the dumbest moves a school could make. Oh well. Everyone goes through with new classes, so its not too bad. Plus theres a good chance I'll be in a class with at least one person I'm friends with. I'll just see what happens. Not to mention, its really stupid to change classes in the middle of the week. It would be easier just to have it on a Monday. I also get my schedule tomorrow, which is fucking stupid. What if I have no idea how to get to that class?? Oh well. Theres only 1 hallway I've never been down and its mostly seniors down there. I think I'm just overreacting. Theres nothing for me to worry about. Except being in a class with none of my friends. Oh well. I just hope my friends are in Gym. If not, I'll probably take Study Hall. Whats the point in having people tell you you aren't good at a sport and sitting there with nothing to do but look at people and have them think you're weird? Like I said, I'm really over thinking this. I'm mildly popular, so its k.

Comix Zone news!
Well I drew a really rough sketch of Strigil, which I later crinkled up and threw away, but I thought it would be best if I just show my progress and that I am working on it. I also need a lightboard/lightbox (whatever the hell you call it) so whatever I draw isn't technically final. So until I find one, I'll keep brainstorming and drawing rough sketches for a while. So, here it is!

New classes tomorrow...


2008-01-11 17:06:11 by SwampLord9

Well, lets start off with saying, I'm not banned anymore! Not that anyone really cares, but oh well.

Next, My drawing of Mortus grabbing Sketch is looking REALLY good. Ifritsparda, you should be happy. :]

Here it is! I'll try to get as much done as possible before I leave for a show tonight.